The Florida School of Woodwork is located in Tampa, FL and is both the working atelier for studio furniture makers Carl Johnson and Kate Swann as well as a woodworking school offering the best in beginning woodworking classes and master level seminars.

Our shop and woodworking classes are located in a beautiful 4,000 square foot industrial renovated building from the 1920’s.The school’s woodworking classes are designed to give you the focused attention and encouragement needed to build your skills, comfort level, and repertoire of woodworking techniques.

Classes are offered at the novice and experienced level and cover an array of topics, techniques and a variety of timeframes. The beginning woodworking class are designed to build foundational woodworking skills that will serve you well with any future project but particularly focused on building fine furniture.


Woodworking ClassWe keep class sizes small in order to tailor lessons and instruction to your individual needs.  We also offer private one-on-one classes that can be scheduled to accommodate schedules that are complicated. Classes are held in a light-filled workshop that was specifically designed for maximum inspiration and function. The workshop offers an outstanding selection of equipment, and a variety of hand tools.We are located just north of down town Tampa, FL and there are many easily accessible local attractions such as Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, the Gulf beaches as well as those in Orlando – Disney World, Universal Studios etc.

Because the Florida School of Woodwork is owned by its’ craftspeople, our customers and students have the rare opportunity to connect directly to the maker behind each work. When you invest in studio furniture from Franklin Street Furniture, you are embarking on a relationship with the artist, one that will yield a finished piece both personal and artistically exquisite.handcut joinery

Studio furniture is centered around one-of-a-kind or limited production furniture objects designed and built by craftspeople. The work is made in a craftsperson’s studio setting as opposed to being made in a high volume factory. This conception of the site of production as being a studio links studio furniture to studio art and reflects its status as an individual creative process. Studio furniture objects often embody creative and/or communicative intent, a unique design, elements of functionality (either implicit or explicit), craftsmanship, and an intimate understanding of material in their creation. Studio furniture objects, perhaps because of their close association with sculpture and other fine art, are shown as often in art galleries as they are in furniture showrooms.


Many of our designs are now recognized as signature works: published, collected, and widely known. However, in the true spirit of artistry, these craftspeople invite the challenges of the custom process, where the individual client’s functional needs, lifestyle, and taste are of supreme consideration.

The combination of expertise and artistic vision is evident in every piece of furniture showcased at Franklin Street Furniture. One artisan with one vision, from inception to finish, ensures that each piece is carefully constructed and meticulously refined down to the last detail.


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