Inlay & Engraving with Virgil Mandanici


Skill Level:  Open to all

Inlay Class, Inlay guitar

Inlay is a technique that is guaranteed to get “WOW’s” from people when they see it on your woodworking projects. This 5-day course will introduce you to the amazing art of inlay using mother of pearl shell, reconstituted stone and wood t

o create images, patterns and designs in your work.

You will learn how to:

  • Select and evaluate Inlay Materials
  • Use inlay tools
  • Create or use existing art for inlays
  • Properly cut and file work
  • Inlay materials into wood or substrate
  • How to etch or engrave an inlay

You will work on two separate inlay projects: a letter for a key fob and a hummingbird both inlayed into ebony.

Inlay marquetry and engraving

The hummingbird can either be framed or used as a lid on a jewelry box, etc.  (This might be something you will want to consider if you plan on taking the Box Making class).

This course will be packed with information and hands-on experiences to build your confidence in making inlays for your projects.

Dates: October 9th – 13th, 2017 /9am – 4pm

Cost: $775

Syllabus:  Syllabus Inlay

Required text: Pearl Inlay – An Instruction Manual

Tools & Materials You Will Need: Tools and Materials

Instructor: Virgil Mandanici




Virgil Mandanici

Virgil Mandanici Inlay artistAn artist since the 1970’s, Virgil Mandanici started doing inlays on his own brand of guitars (Virgil Guitars)in 2010. His first guitar, the “Dueling Dragons” was featured in the September 2013 issue of Guitar World magazine because of the exquisite inlays he had done on the guitar. Virgil has literally done hundreds of inlays in this over time and continues to make amazing inlays for guitars, jewelry boxes and other items. He has been teaching inlay and guitar building to fellow guitar builders through the years as well.