Learn to Finish Furniture



This hands-on finishing class will teach you how to finish your furniture project through a series of hands on, demo and lectures.

Learn how to apply  beautiful, durable finishes using a variety of techniques that will include:

  • changing the texture of the wood with fillers
  • changing the color of wood with dyes, stains, toners, and glazing techniques.
  • applying rub on finishes, brush on finishes, and spray on finisheslearn to finish wood

Students will practice applying finishing systems to sample boards, and students are encouraged to bring small projects to finish during the week.  Some of the finishes that you will learn how to apply include:  oil/wax, boiled linseed oil, tung oil, polyurethane, shellac, lacquer, and varnish.

Once the coatings have been applied, adjusting the sheen using rub out techniques, and how to maintain your coating will be demonstrated. You will also learn how to solve common problems and fix finishing defects such as blotching, orange peel, brush marks, and fish eye and how to achieve the ultimate finish.

Anyone who works with wood and enjoys its beauty will benefit from this class.

Key Points:

  • Selecting the right finish
  • Customize a wood finishing system
  • Understand proper wood preparation
  • Techniques for coloring wood
  • Pre-conditioners, sealers and grain pore fillers
  • Deal with open, semi-open and closed pored woods
  • Rub out and finish the finish

Price:   $750 

CLICK DATE TO REGISTER:  June 26th – 30th, October 23-27th

Text Book Required:  Finishing by Bob Flexnor

Finishing Syllabus

Materials needed:

  •  Can opener (optional)
  •  A roll of blue tape 1″
  • Shop apron – things can get messy
  • Respiratory protection mask, if you would like to spray – must be for volatile vapors
  • A box of nitrile gloves
  • Brushes:
    • Sapphire Series ¾ Flat Wash Brush,¾ inch Oval Wash Brush
    • Robert Simmons  1″, 2″, 3″
  • A small project that you would like to practice on. (optional)