Beginning Woodwork (Condensed)


A thorough but fast paced class focused on the woodworking process and the power tools that go along with it.  Topics include:

  • Design
  • Milling
  • Basic Joints
  • Construction (Sanding, Gluing)
  • Basic Finishes

No experience necessary.  All materials provided.



Students focus on sample work to practice the skills and techniques covered during the class.

Key Points:

  • How to make construction drawings & cut lists
  • Picking and choosing lumber
  • How to milling lumber safely using power tools (jointer, planer, chop saw, table saw, router etc)
  • How to create rabbets, lap joints, dados, and mortise & tenons using the table saw & router
  • Understanding sanding, gluing and finishing techniques

Materials  – Provided

Safety Equipment – Provided

Class Length/time – 2 Days/9am – 4pm

You will be required to sign a waiver prior to starting the class.


Additional information

Class Date

Feb 4th -5th, April 8th-9th, June 10th-11th, August 5th-6th, October 14th-15th, December 9th-10th

3 reviews for Beginning Woodwork (Condensed)

  1. Great discussion on the types of woods and the proper use of tools. Lots of hands on experience in a well organized class. Would definately recommend. (Jason K.)

  2. Gave me lots of confidence to do my projects. (Michael S.)

  3. Lots of safety pointers and hands on time, first morning had alot of design focus which might be a bit much for beginners. (Kate T)

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