Woodwork Shop Membership


Currently accepting membership reservations

The workshop will open for member use August 1st, 2017

You wait list fee is refundable upon request.

You will be notified of membership activation by email.




Florida School of Woodwork offers qualifying students the opportunity to join the Members Woodwork Shop.

Membership Qualification & Plans

To qualify for membership you must have taken a minimum of 2 one week long classes at the Florida School of Woodwork within the last twelve months.  The number of memberships issued are limited in order to ensure accessibility to machines and a safe working environment. There is a $50 fee to wait list (refundable at any time).

You may select from the following memberships:

  • 8 Month – $165 p/month with $200 security deposit
  • 12 Month – $150 p/month with $200 security deposit

The security deposits are refundable provided that you have not broken anything.

Workshop Hours

Membership offers use of  the school’s extensive woodworking equipment during the following times:

Sunday  10am – 4pm

Saturday 9am – 6pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday – 4pm – 8pm

Wednesday – 4pm – 8pm

Thursday – 4pm – 8pm

Friday – Closed


All new members will be required to take an shop orientation and machine safety verification and good shop etiquette course prior to their membership activation.

These are generally conducted on Tuesday nights at 5:30pm.

Is this the right shop for me?

As a member we expect you to be able to work safely and independently.

We do not welcome manufacturing, high production projects, or space for building sets.  Generally the largest project allowable is a bedframe, or small dining table.  We work hard to keep the flow of machines and space comfortable for all of our members.  If you are looking to use a table saw for 3 hours at a time, our shop is not for you.  If you are a serious hobbiest or designer who likes to build prototypes or one off projects this is the perfect place for you.

We do not allow members to give lessons therefore anyone in the shop should understand how to safely use the machines and understand the working process.  If find that you need some help with a tool or with a set up please talk to the shop assistant on duty.

If you find you need additional help beyond that please consider Private Lessons.

Please note that family members and friends are not allowed in the shop for any reason.  This is for their own safety, the safety of other members and liability reasons.  This is strictly enforced is cause for membership termination with no refunds.

Project/Material Storage

At orientation members will receive a plastic storage container for small items. Anything that does not fit in the container will need to be taken home at the end of each day.

Larger 4’x5 spaces are available for rent in the loft on a monthly basis. Please talk to the shop administrator if you are interested.

Rough lumber may be stored in the non-humidity controlled area at the back of the workshop only if properly labeled and dated.  Storage is limited to a 12″ wide x 14′ x 10″ deep rack per member.

Tools and Materials To Bring

Members will need to provide their own:

  • Lumber – a list will be provided to you at orientation of acceptable materials
  • Handtools – chisels, planes, squares etc
  • Drill bits, Fostner bits, files etc
  • Dominos, Sandpaper (available for purchase)
  • Finishing products
  • Hardware – handles, table top fastners, hinges etc

Finishing My Projects

Members will be able to use an area of the shop designated for glue up and finishing, we also offer a lacquer finishing service on an ad hoc basis.

Finishes allowed include:  Edible oil, BLO, wax, Poly (all types), Shellac.



Please call us at 813 233 3490

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