Below you will find many of the tools and books we recommend for students. Anything listed here is something that we have found to be of excellent value, quality or use in the shop. Click on the item to purchase it – you will be linked through to Amazon. We will be adding products over the next few months – bear with us, this is a new feature of the site.


Incra 6″ T Rule

If you are struggling with fine measurements this is a big help.

   Fast Cap Tape Measure

We have several different versions of these in the shop.


Starrett Square

This is one of those tools that will last you a lifetime.

A good square – that is truly square is worth its weight in gold.  Our 6″ Starrett has been used every day in our shop for over 15 years.  It is like an old friend.

   Incra Box Joint Jig

Love, Love Love this jig.  Don’t know how we managed without it.  We have a special, flat ground 3/8th blade that goes with it and it’s made box joints a snap.

   Irwin Marples Chisels

A good everyday, treat them nice set of chisels.

   Tennoning Jig

There are several price points of these sorts of jigs available but we have a pretty basic one like this and find that it serves us well.

   Two Cherries Chisels
Glorious.  Nobody else should ever touch them.  They are your “Sunday Best”, special chisels that should be love and cossetted.
 Mitre Gauges

This shouldn’t be one of your early purchases but when you’re ready you’ll find that this gauge is a work of art.  The flip flop stops are the best.


Bosch Plunge Router 1614 EVS

Bosch makes a number of great routers but we found that this plunge router is great value for money and enough HP to get most routing jobs done in the shop.  It’s not got the highest end depth setting but everything else about it makes it a worthwhile early purchase.

We’ve got both fences that go with it in the shop.  The higher end one is worth the few bucks more as the micro adjust is useful.

   DeWalt Bench Top Planer

Bench top planer are noisy but they get the job done within a small footprint. Make sure you consider getting some sort of dust collection along with this purchase.

Grizzly 14″ Bandsaw

We have a 20″ and this bandsaw in the shop and we find that with the exception of the big stuff, this bandsaw is the one we prefer to use.  Its got great power, well balanced.  Great investment for beginner woodworkers who are tight on shop space.

   DeWalt Compound Mitre Saw

We use this saw every single day we are in the shop and have for the last twelve years.  It’s that tough and that useful.  This tool is a lynch pin for us.