Beginning Woodworking

LumberThis Beginning Woodworking class will advance your woodworking skills by leaps and bounds and is perfect for those just starting out,  friends wanting to spend time together building new woodworking skills or for an intermediate woodworker who wants to renew their skills.The course is a step by step introduction to both the process of woodworking – designing, milling, joinery, finishing as well as learning tool setup and proper techniques for using both stationary power equipment (jointer, planer, table saw etc) and hand tools (squares, chisels, scrapers).

In the condensed two day (9am – 4pm) schedule, students focus on sample work to practice the skills and techniques covered during the class.  After taking this class student will be invited to participate in the Table Making Class or Box Making Class prior to moving onto additional skill development classes.

In the expanded five day schedule, students make a small table that puts into practice the lessons on stationary power tools and hand tools. Students should use design techniques to give the table a personality all its own. By latter end of the sessions, students begin assembling the table and start preparing it for finishing. The goal is to complete the table (except finishing) by the end of the course.   Once students have completed this class they are invited to register for the next classes such as the Box Making Class  in the sequence of learning which focuses more construction of drawers, doors, joinery and jigs.

Key Points:

  • How to make construction drawings & cut lists
  • Picking and choosing lumber
  • How to milling lumber safely using power tools (jointer, planer, chop saw, table saw, router etc)
  • How to create rabbets, lap joints, dados, and mortise & tenons using the table saw & router
  • Understanding sanding, gluing and finishing techniques





 Machine Tools  On Request  $200
2 Day Basic Woodwork

9am – 4pm


Feb 4th – 5th

April 8th – 9th

June 10th – 11th

August 5th – 6th

October 14th – 15th

December 9th – 10th

5 Day Beginning Woodwork

9am – 4pm


January 16th -20th

March 6th – 10th

May 22nd – 26th

July 10th – 14th

September 11th – 15th

November 6th – 10th


Tools          Student do not need to bring any tools required for the Beginning Woodwork 1 class

The book “Woodworking Basics: Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship” by Peter Korn (Taunton Press)” is required.  A few are available for purchase at the workshop, but they can also be purchased by clicking the link or through the “Shop” on the top menu line.

Additional books that are useful but not required are:

Materials   Provided by Franklin St & included in cost of class (please note that these classes will use poplar as the primary wood)

Private Classes

Not able to make one of the dates above?  We also offer private, one on one classes.  These are available on request if your schedule is complex and you are not able to make the group dates.  Prices are shown below

Click to register – 2 Day Private Class: $650 per person

Click to register – 4 Day Private Class $1,125 per person.

Comments & Reviews

“Kate, first of all let me say thanks for a great class!  It was just what I was hoping for!  Your complete coverage of the details of the process of idea generation, sketching, construction drawing, cutlist prep, etc. all the way through final stages of finishing was excellent.  I really appreciated your focus on safety and your watchful eye when we were using the power tools.  I especially appreciated your methodology with feeding stock through the table saw.  I am going to diligently practice that in my own shop.  As I said when I was there, I need to get more adept at being precise in my measurements and setup to make cuts and your instruction in that was perfect.” P. Ford

“I enjoyed the class and especially the hands on nature of the experience.  There was alot of material to cover, but I feel the pace was not too much.  It would have been nice to have more time to repeat some of the projects for memory purposes.  The homework does help reinforce some of the lecture material.  Overall this was a rewarding class and opened my eyes to what I think will become a wonderful experience in creating my own pieces” D. Jessup

“(The class was)…holistic, focused on safety, very well articulated.  The things that really made it work were ability to see and use lots of different tools, Sally (dog), the wonderful shop, the instruction for tool use.  It would be good if you could make a “take home” for the weekend class” K.Owen



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