Building a Krenov Style Cabinet

Krenov style CabinetThe cabinet-on-stand form popularized by James Krenov is an excellent project for Beginner woodworker to transition to an intermediate woodworker.  While using familiar construction methods such as mortise-and-tenon joints, dados, and bridle joints, the piece provides the student with new challenges beyond that of just function and construction.

The student must consider and begin to incorporate many design elements in this piece – wood species, grain design, proportions, animation and to do so on a larger scale than so far achieved in earlier projects completed in the beginner classes.

“…form is only a beginning. It is the combination of feelings and a function; shapes and things that come to one in connection with the discoveries made as one goes into the wood, that pull it together and give meaning to form.” JK

Leveraging a basic design, the students goal will be to complete the piece and present it to review panel for feedback (optional for non Masters students).  Masters student may also select to have their piece professionally photographed for their portfolio.  Students should aim for their piece to be complete in construction and dry fit.

The class is a combination of shorter lectures and demo’s combined one on one instructor time.  Each student will have their own bench are expected to have full working knowledge of the design process, power tools, basic joinery and door building – theses are all covered in the Beginning Woodwork classes at Franklin St.

Dates: April 10th – 22nd

Cost: $1450 (materials not included)

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