Cabinet Making – Learn to Build a Nightstand

This course is an excellent next step for those who have taken Basic Woodworking and Box Making.  Each student designs and builds a small cabinet that has either a door, a drawer, or for those who are comfortable both.  It is a great class for extending the skills and knowledge established in earlier projects.

Students learn topics such as:

  • Learn cabinet makingIntroduction to Case Work & Cabinets
  • Face frame Construction & Joinery
  • Shelf Construction & Joinery
  • Drawer Joinery, Construction & Installation
    • Kicker and Runners
    • Stops
  • Door Construction, Joinery & Installation
  • Hardware Selection & Installation
    • Hinge – Selecting and Setting
    • Handles – Design impact
    • Locks – Selecting and Installing
  • Spray Finishing with Lacquer


Student are expected to know all of the basics covered in Beginning Woodworking class  and to have some experience with woodworking p042rojects (Box and Table Making).    This is an intermediate level class and is pivotal is developing skill sets.

Students who wish to apply to this class who have not taken any classes with Franklin Street should call and talk with us prior to doing so (813 503 7061).  Students who design skills are still developing and who want to focus more construction techniques will be provided with a pre designed cabinet.    This class is focused on sequencing, construction techniques and joinery rather than on design and finishing.


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Dates:   July 22nd – 28th, 2017,  September 30th – Oct. 6th

Cost:    $750

Materials Fee: $60 (wood available to students will include poplar, maple, walnut, cherry).  Paid separately at start of class.

Deposit: $400

Tool Requirements: 6″ Square (preferably Starrett), writing materials, safety glasses & hearing protection (these are an example, all ear phones must be 21db or higher).





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