Furniture Maker Extended Program

woodshavingsCustom furniture makers design and build a wide variety of furnishings. The work requires a thorough knowledge of furniture construction including proficiency using hand tools and power equipment and an understanding of processes and procedures used for each furniture type.

In this extended program, students learn through a series of classes how to:

  • Design and construct multiple different furniture pieces
  • Estimate costs and select materials.
  • Prepare working drawings for each project.
  • Mill lumber to specifications
  • Lay out and cut various woodworking joints by hand and machine.
  • Operate stationary power equipment effectively and safely.
  • Use and maintain hand tools.
  • Service and maintain all of the power equipment found in a woodworking shop.
  • Construct furniture using appropriate glues and clamping techniques
  • Sand, stain, fill, finish and polish furniture pieces.
  • Lay out and install furniture hardware.
  • Use furniture ornamentation techniques such as inlay, carving, bending and veneering
  • Understand dust collection and shop lay criteriaHow to Make Dovetail Joint
  • Understand the economics of furniture making

At the beginning of the program, students complete a series of exercises and projects including drafting assignments, benchwork, basic machine operation and fundamental hand skills using planes, chisels and turning.  The first significant project is the construction of a side table based on an approved drawing that satisfies certain design and learning requirements.

Students then design and construct at least one example of a pair of nightstands, box, a chair, and two piece of case work (such as a Krenov Cabinet) and a multi drawered piece. These pieces are typically based unique furniture designs developed by the student in collaboration with in instructors. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to learn new techniques and skills in each project they select and execute.

At the end of course, the student if expect to present a body of work and clarity of knowledge developed over their time at Franklin St.

For more information about Skills and Knowledge development please review the following:  Class Requirements for Certificate


The craft of designing and making furniture is a physically, mentally and emotionally fulfilling process and it brings artisanal skill and vibrancy to the communities and businesses that we live in. At Franklin St, we teach furniture making for the satisfaction and development it brings, whether you are pursuing it professionally or as an avocation. We expect students to graduate with the confidence and skill to design and build fine furniture on their own, and to be qualified for employment by other fine furniture makers.

The audience for the certificate program includes: (1) college-age people who want to become professional furniture makers; (2) people of any age who are exploring woodworking as a potentially more fulfilling, second career; and (3) individuals of all ages who want to learn furniture making as a life-enhancing skill.

We would encourage all applicants to determine if the school is the right fit for you. You can do this by scheduling a time to tour the facilities, ask questions and learn more about the school and the admissions process. We also welcome calls and e-mails. Write to or call 813 503 7061

Application Process

The only prerequisite is that applicants have enough prior woodworking experience to be sure that you can sustain their commitment the course.

To apply please submit the following:

  1. A letter explaining your interest in furniture making and your goals
  2. Up to eight digital images of any woodworking or other artwork you have done previously
  3. Names and telephone numbers of three character references such as teachers, employers, and business associates
  4. Your resume

For priority consideration, applications should be e-mailed by March 1, 2017 to Notification will be sent by March 15. After March 1, applications will be reviewed for acceptance as space permits.

Open to all except absolute beginners.
Enrollment limited to 5.

Tuition: $19,500


Franklin St will provide a pro-rata refund of tuition for any student who chooses to withdraw from the course prior to the end date. The student must notify a certifying official at Franklin St in writing, of the date of withdrawal. The refund is calculated based on the number of full instruction days remaining in the program after the receipt of this notification or after the actual date of withdrawal, whichever occurs later.

Standards of Academic Progress

Programs are pass/fail. Students are continually evaluated and provided with feedback by instructors. While all efforts are made by our staff to ensure student success, we reserve the right to dismiss students who are not meeting minimum standards for participation or safety. Students who are academically dismissed may not reapply for admission.