Class Calendar

2017 Woodworking Classes

 MAY 22nd – 26th Basic Woodworking
 JUNE  10th – 11th Basic Woodworking

13th – 16th Table Making

26th – 30th Learn Finishing

 JULY  10th – 14th Basic Woodworking

17th – 19th Box Making

22nd – 28th Cabinet Making – Building a nightstand

 AUGUST  5th – 6th Basic Woodworking

7th – 11th Box Making for Beginners

14th – 18th Curvature – Learn to make curved work

 SEPTEMBER  11th – 15th Basic Woodworking

18th – 21st Table Making for Beginners

25th – 29th Unplugged Workshop – Joinery & Handtools

30th – 6th (Oct) Cabinet Making – Building a nightstand

 OCTOBER 9th – 13th Inlay and Engraving 

14th – 15th  Basic Woodworking

16th – 19th Box Making

23rd – 27th Finishing Class

 NOVEMBER 11th – 14th Table Making for Beginners

6th – 10th Basic Woodworking

18th – 1 Day Workshop – Make a Chopping Board

 DECEMBER 9th – 10th Basic Woodworking

11th – 14th Box Making for Beginners

16th – 1 Day Workshop – Make a Chopping Board