Class Calendar


Franklin St Fine Woodwork

Class Calendar





 January  16th -20th Basic Woodworking
February 4th – 5th Basic Woodworking

9th – 12th Box Making 

19th – 23rd Basic Cabinet Making


March 7th – 10th Basic Woodworking Finishing Skills and Techniques

28th – 31st Joinery Skills – Hand & Machine

Open Program For Advanced Students
April 8th -9th Basic Woodworking

27th – 30th Box Making for Beginners

15th – 23rd Building a Krenov Style Cabinet Open Program for Advanced Students
May Building a Chest of Drawers
 June Turning for Beginners

10th – 11th Basic Woodworking

26th – 30th Cabinet Making Introduction to Veneer Work
July  10th – 14th Basic Woodworking

Table making for Beginners


Finishing Skills and Techniques

17th – 21st Joinery Skills – Hand & Machine

Introduction to Chair Making
 August  7th – 11th Box Making for Beginners

5th – 6th Basic Woodworking

14th – 18th Curvature – Learn to make curved work
 September  Turning for Beginners

11th – 15th Basic Woodworking

 Cabinet Making
 October 14th – 15th  Basic Woodworking
 November  Table Making for Beginners

6th – 10th Basic Woodworking

 December  Box Making for Beginners

9th – 10th Basic Woodworking