Joinery for Furniture Making

Joinery is both an art and a science and being able to layout and cut your joints with planning and precision will make your furniture projects go like a dream.   While focused on beginner and intermediate woodworkers you will find that this class valuablHow to Make Dovetail Jointe for all stages of your learning.

You will begin by learning the actions and terms of many common joints, the elements of a joint, and how to select the best joint for the job at hand. You will work on both your hand and machine skills – developing precision and fluidity. This is not a project based class, but you will go home with joints examples that can be used as models for future projects.

Through a series of demonstrations, lecture and practice you will learn how to cut:

  • Dovetails, half-blind dovetails, lap dovetails, sliding dovetails, decorative dovetails,
  • Mortise and tenons, angled mortise and tenons, through mortise and tenon
  • Lap joints, bridal joints,
  • Miter joints, three-way miters, lock miters
  • Scarf and hip joints,
  • Decorative joints,
  • Joinery system used for carcass construction in cabinetmaking.

There is a special presentation on adhesive selection and sharpening and tuning your tools.

This is a popular classes. Please sign up early.

Dates: March 28th – 30st, July 18th – 21st

Cost: $750

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