Table Making

Side Table

This is four day project based class and addresses a multitude of table making techniques including:

  • tapers (one sided, two sided jigs)
  • cutting curves – making multiples (bandsaw, template, spokeshave, router)
  • mortise and tenon (table saw router/domino)
  • edge beading
  • basic inlay techniques
  • staining & dying

Student are welcome to exercise creativity in their designs while recognizing time and sizing constraints (max 30″ in any two directions).  Pre designed plans also available.  The goal is complete the construction and sanding of the piece and prepare it for finishing outside of the class.

Students who have only taken the 2 day Beginning Woodworking class are required to take this class as part of their Masters Program.

Materials: Available for purchase by the board foot.  (Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Nogal, Poplar, Sapele) If you are bringing your own lumber no exotics, salvage, high resin (eg Pine) allowed.

NOTE:  Everyone who must attend must have completed our Introduction to Power Tools  class regardless of experience.  Recent graduates (4 months) of the Beginning Woodworking class will be exempt from this.

Dates:  March 7th – 10th, June 13th – 16th

Price:    $550

Materials: $100


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