Woodworking Instructors

The woodworking instructors at Franklin St. have a broad range of experience and skills in the woodworking field.  Their work can be seen at www.FranklinStreetFurniture.com


Kate SwannKate Swann

Originally from England, Kate has been woodworking for over fifteen years and is co-founder of Franklin St. Fine Woodwork.  She has designed and built one of a kind studio furniture for private homes and businesses throughout the United States. Her work has been featured in Fine Woodworking and numerous other magazines.  She studied at the Oregon College of Arts and Craft in Portland, OR.  Her personal work is primarily focused on high function sculptural designs that incorporate multiple media and surface and textural embellishment such as pyrography and inlay work.


CarlCarl Johnson

Carl, a master craftsman with decades of experience, has built cabinets, buffets, and stand-alone furniture.  His current areas of interest are the engineering challenges of chair building as well as the use of detail and proportion in creating multi drawer pieces.  He particularly enjoys using salvaged woods such as antique heart pine and other more traditional woods such as mahogany, cherry and maple.  Carl has studied with many renown woodworkers such as Michael Fortune and Mary Mays and has a wealth of advanced technical experience in bent lamination, veneer, and carving.



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